Student Ministers 

Interested in getting equipped in evangelism and/or church planting? ENC has TWO paid (~ $8000) student minister positions available each year, ideally for 3rd or 4th year students.

This would involve:

  • preaching evangelistically
  • training others for evangelism
  • sharpening personal evangelism skills
  • gaining cross cultural evangelistic experience
  • having opportunities to see church plants in operation or start up.

Student ministers would meet fortnightly with an experienced trainer and coach.

Bursary for Evangelist 

ENC and the John Chapman Foundation are offering a new bursary for  TWOstudents to study for a year at Moore to be equipped as an evangelist or mission pastor in a church.  Potential candidates would need to study full-time at Moore in 2019 and upon graduation, be seeking to work at least part time and ideally full time in a church doing evangelism.  The bursary of $12,000 could go towards tuition fees or living expenses for the year.

Evangelistic Start Up (unpaid) 

ENC is looking to to encourage students at Moore to take up a different sort of student minister role.  ENC is offering FIVE‘Evangelistic Start Up’ positions to students at Moore.  The idea is to be in a church for support and growth but to start something new – a new evangelist work.  ENC will provide a mentor/coach to guide and assist you in the new venture but it has to be something new and intentional to reach lost people.

It could be an easy English evangelistic group among migrants. It could be in a sporting club.  It could be through door knocking your neighbourhood as asking if anyone wants to read the Bible with you.  If you have a hobby or skill that others might like to learn, offer that and invite people to learn that skill and to learn of Jesus as well. What about a pop up cafe?  What about self defence classes and a read the bible class afterwards?  What about a book club that looks at Christian classics as well?

There are lost people everywhere – pray, observe, listen and come up with a plan!

To discuss your suitability for these opportunities, please contact Sophie to arrange a time with Phil Wheeler, ENC Director.

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