Does ENC talk to the local parishes or regions before planting?

  • Our intention is to help with “mother/daughter” plants inside the parish structure in anyway we can.

  • “Small nucleus” planting may require working outside the parish structures.

  • When there is the occasion to plant outside the parish structures we will talk to the other partners in the area, parishes, Mission Areas, Anglican agencies and the Regions.

  • We acknowledge that there have been some communication failures up to this point.

Does ENC promote evangelism anymore?

  • Everything we do is centred around evangelism. Every church plant should be as a result of evangelism.

  • We exist to recruit and train evangelists. Some will work as full time evangelists and some part-time. Both usually within the parish structures

  • Our offices are at Moore College where we aim to influence, recruit and train students for evangelism.

Do ENC Church planters have the same rigorous criteria for appointment as rectors?

  • ENC aims to plant new churches.

  • Currently for a church plant to become a Recognised Church, the planter needs to qualify as a presbyter. So the same criteria apply to the planter as for any potential rector.

  • However the Archbishop decides who becomes a rector and what criteria are required.

Does ENC plant in “virgin” territory or in areas where there are already churches?

  • Our intention is to help churches to reach their own area.

  • Sometimes for good reasons churches will need to be established in areas where there are other churches and sometimes in ‘virgin’ territory.

  • ENC is engaged in discussions over planting in Greenfields and Brownfields areas of Sydney.

Has ENC taken over control of where church planting happens?

  • We are a small ‘ginger’ group aiming to help church planting. ENC is well placed to advise about best practice in church planting, but the parishes are in the best place to control where and when they will church plant.

  • Some church plants will be done structurally through us because they may not happen another way.

Does ENC mentor church planters’ behaviour?

  • Absolutely. Every church planter should have a mentor. The increasing number of church plants and evangelists means that not all will be mentored by the Director of ENC.

  • This year we have increased the number of church planting coaches who are available to coach/mentor our church planters.