Join us at our inaugural conference! We are living in uncertain and challenging times. Hear stories, be encouraged and better equipped to share the good news of Jesus. In this season of great opportunity, let us seize this time and proclaim the good news of Jesus and the hope we have in Him.

Go and gossip the gospel in your community!


(Choose 2)

Gossiping the gospel when handling tough questions

David Robertson is an experienced presenter and debater on the place of the Christian faith in the public sphere.  He is currently working in partnership with ENC to enable, encourage and equip churches to do evangelism through consultancy, training and mentoring evangelists within churches.

Gossiping the gospel with a fresh gospel presentation

Karen Morris is involved primarily in gospel work on university campuses. She loves explaining the good news of Jesus in the clearest, simplest way possible and has developed a range of visual resources to explore and explain the Christian faith.

Gossiping the gospel in daily conversations

Sarah Seabrook partners with ENC as an evangelist and trainer and relishes the opportunities to speak at women’s and evangelism training events.

Gossiping the gospel in cross cultural settings

Paul Webb is Lead Pastor at Chester Hill Anglican church.  He has been involved in evangelism to people of many other faiths and cultures, living and serving in multicultural, south-west Sydney.