The early Christians, who were a vibrant part of their communities, “gossiped” the gospel. The joy of the journey with Christ simply overflowed, impacting those in their community. Join us at our annual conference to be encouraged, trained and equipped for more effective gospel conversations.

Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.   Matthew 4:19

Saturday 4 June, 2022

9am - 4pm

St Anne's Anglican Church
42 Church St, Ryde

Includes morning tea and lunch

Early bird rate till 8 May
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Keynote Address: Tim Booker


Choose TWO from options below:

Evangelism in a Skeptical World – the ‘how’ and the ‘what’ to use

Presenters: Sam Chan and Tim Chen

If we’re honest with ourselves, the good news about Jesus is quite unbelievable to our 21st century friends. We’re talking about the Son of God, born of a virgin, rising from the dead! This session gives you an overview on how you can help make the unbelievable news of Jesus more believable to your skeptical friends. You will also be shown how to take someone on a guided walk-through of the Gospel of John using ‘The Word One to One’, a resource designed to help you introduce your friends to Jesus through John’s gospel. You will discover how sharing the Bible one-to-one is something that every Christian can enjoy and benefit from.

A unique Framework for conversational evangelism

Presenter: Tony Payne

The classic Two ways to live (2wtl) gospel outline has recently had a major update including a complete reworking of the training resources that are based on it. How is this unique Australian gospel framework useful for everyday evangelism in 2020s? Tony Payne (2wtl author and reviser) will talk about how the new 2wtl offers massive opportunities to improve our clarity about the gospel itself, and our ability to share it in everyday life in multiple ways.

‘Taste and See’ – an exciting new evangelism course (limited numbers for each session)

Presenters: Wendy Potts and Kerrie Newmarch

Imagine if your church could run a course that provides a way of capturing the message of the gospel in a series of meals. ‘Taste and See’ is looking to partner with gospel hearted churches in piloting an exciting new evangelism course. Wendy Potts (one of the course designers) will explain the vision and details of the program as participants engage in the meal that is integral to Week 1 of ‘Taste and See’. Numbers are limited…don’t miss out! 

Conversational Outreach – Introducing Jesus in everyday conversations

Presenter: Sarah Seabrook

If it’s on your heart to be salt and light in your relationships but feel a little overwhelmed or stuck, come to this workshop. We will look at ways to communicate gospel truths and share Jesus with the aim of opening up avenues of conversation and increasing engagement.

Questions that Really Matter

Presenter: David Robertson

When we seek to communicate Christ, we do so through His Word. But many today automatically dismiss the Bible as a reliable source. David will address some of the most common objections, questions like:

Sex and Sexuality – Isn’t Christianity intolerant and repressive?

Scripture – How can we know if the Bible is true?

Suffering – If God is there, why do people suffer?
Science – Do we need God if we have Science?





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