What is Evangelism?


There is considerable confusion about what evangelism is.  For those outside the Church, it is largely a negative term.  It is too often confused with the term evangelical – which people unfairly associate with a rather simplistic US style political fundamentalism.  For many in the Church, it also has negative connotations. Whilst we think it is a good idea and of course all Christians want to share the good news, sometimes those who are ‘into’ evangelism are seen as a little eccentric and odd.  Nonetheless, every evangelical church is for evangelism.  But what is it? 




What is ASK?

“What are you up to?” “Why are you here?” “What is ASK?” – These are just a few of the questions I have been asked in the past few months. Having been in Australia for almost three years I am now settled into Evangelism and New Churches of the Sydney Anglican Diocese (ENC), I have a renewed visa and am looking forward to developing this work. But what is this work? I am working as an evangelist with Sydney Anglicans – but what does that mean and what precisely are we trying to do?

What is ASK seeking to do?

To paraphrase Ecclesiastes 12:11 “Of making many evangelism programmes there is no end, and much talking about evangelism wearies the soul”.  Maybe that’s a little too cynical, but it does appear to me that there are numerous evangelistic organisations, books, initiatives and programmes. Every evangelical church wants the silver bullet for outreach – especially in the context of a culture which is becoming increasingly hostile to the Gospel.

How is it Going and What Can we Do?

In this final article, I want to bring you up to date with how things have been going. After all, it is relatively easy to think through the theory and to make plans – but the real proof of the pudding is in the eating!