We started meeting as a church just over a month and a half ago in Redfern, with a very small team, but with the knowledge thatsome people from the local Indigenous community were keen to see a new church started, where they could come and feel welcome, pray together, and hear the Word. We have chosen to not have a proper name (yet), and are keen to keep it quite low-key and laid back. Without being an exclusively 'Indigenous church', we have seen more and more Indigenous people come along over the pastfew weeks, to the point where Indigenous people have been the majority of the congregation over the past two weeks. We had a goal for the year to reach 20 people, but we got there after meeting for only 6 weeks! We can only put this down to God working powerfully among His people and having great supporters who have been praying hard for this ministry for some time, and have been generously and sacrificially giving to this new church fellowship. A number of elders have been coming along from the community, and have also been inviting their family and friends along. One of the Aunty's invited a friend of her's who was taken away as a child (she is part of the stolen generation), and this lady ended up coming to church on Sunday for the first time. She loved it and is very keen to come back. Another young Indigenous woman made a re-commitment to follow Christ on Sunday, after a long time away from the church. We have given her a bible and she is loving reading it, and is teaching her kids stories from the Old Testament. God is moving! Please pray for us that we would be able to cope with the growth in the church, including the kids who come have been coming along. There is also alot of brokenness in the community. Many people in the Indigenous community of South Sydney have gone through devastating suffering in their lives and are trying their best to stay afloat amidst the troubles in the wider community. This regularly involves drug and alcohol addiction in the family, and various other problems such as past or ongoing abuse. A particular issue at the moment is the drug 'Ice', which is highly addictive, cheap, and readily available in the area. Yet tragically, it is destroying many young people's lives. Please pray for the people in our church, and their families, who are trying to live for Christ amidst all of these issues. Rev. Matt Paterson


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