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Thursday, 01 November 2018

Conversational Chaplaincy


In partnership with Anglicare, ENC has introduced a new pastoral care course for community chaplains.  It is called ‘Conversational Chaplaincy’ and will replace the current 40 hr Introductory Pastoral Care (IPC) course that has been running for some years.


Conversational Chaplaincy is a 20 hr course running over four half day sessions with some pre-reading and exercises between sessions.


Course outline:


- Explore biblical foundations for chaplaincy - humanity made in the image of God, sin and human brokenness, God’s love, redemption and hope through Christ


- Equip students with building rapport, good listening skills, thinking creatively about conversations, being vulnerable and sharing their faith appropriately in different chaplaincy contexts.


Completion of Conversational Chaplaincy Course fulfils the practical requirement for the CMD Award in the pathway to authorisation as an Anglican Community Chaplain in the Diocese.  




Enquiries about dates and venues: