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Syrian Refugee Support

Monday, 21 September 2015

Here are some ways we can assist:

·       Provide Scriptures in Arabic (and tracts/books)

·       Provide a directory of Arabic speaking churches in Sydney

·       Provide directory for essential services

o   Interpreter

o   Doctor

o   Hospital

o   education

o   Dental

o   Psychologist/counsellor (particularly acute for many). It would be good if there were Arabic speaking psychologists for those deeply traumatised, particularly children.

o   Social support services (migrant resource centre etc)

·       Link refugees to churches (or churches to refugees) and provide churches with an information and resource pack to help in the day to day care and integration of refugees. This could include

o   Understanding the essentials of Middle Eastern culture

o   Understanding Islam (link to resources and contacts for training)

o   providing emergency relief of food,

o   gift cards/vouchers for essential items at Kmart, Big W etc.

o   awareness of main service providers and local resources (shops, services etc). This could be combined with the next bullet point where you offer guided tours of the local area and even guided tours of main area of Sydney.

o   social support such as friendship dinners, picnics and social outings

o   ESL or other English support services. Depending on the numbers in the local area this could be a major help.

·       Churches could also organise and run local fundraisers to help the refugees in their local areas. Sponsor a refugee program.

·       Hosting families in Christian homes for short term.